Success Ged Program

“We aim to foster success through family strengthening and youth development.”

Positive Direction for Youth & Families, Inc.’s  Success GED Program model supports the principle that GED students must do more than simply pass the GED exam to go on to lead a successful life. This 12-week program provides free adult education classes, professional development, soft skills training, and a career/education fair.

Every student can use the GED as a catapult for…

  •  Post GED Training,
  • College, and
  • Employment opportunities

“Consistent with our mission of Serving Others, we are excited to provide these organizations with funding to further literacy and education across the communities we call home…It is always so exciting to see the true and meaningful impact the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has on both children and adults looking to improve their lives through literacy.”  Todd Vasos, Dollar General CEO

Press Release


Registration requires a pre-assessment exam. To make an appointment please call at 3363753900


A waitlist is recorded for students that would like to register for a particular class that is currently full. If seat becomes available, students are notified via email or phone in which they signed up for the waiting list. The student has 24 hours to sign up from the date notification was sent. If student does not respond in due time, the seat will be filled by the next student on the waiting list. If a student missed the waiting list offer, the student may rejoin list.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is mandatory in order to receive the maximum education benefits. Students are expected to attend each class and be on time. Students must notify the instructor in writing of expected absences within a week of the absence date.


Monday: Reading , Writing 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday: Math, Science 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Thursday: Social Studies 5:30pm – 8:30pm

PDY&FSuccess Ged Program