Save . I had a 3126 with a 250 hp MDT pulling a 17500 fifth wheel and had no problem pulling 8- 10 % grades which don't often find. Longevity and power are standard features found on all Caterpillar engines. That's why Cat and MaK propulsion engines power your vessel to any port. Email Seller. The industry's largest range of engines provide the reliability you need. #2 is a Downeast Boat with a 1999 3126 and 4000 hours.I … 3,365 Posts . Im looking at two boats both 35' with Cats, #1 not a Downeaster is powered by twin 1998 Cat 3208's 435HP these units have only 400 hours original. New and Rebuilt CAT engines / Caterpillar motors. Cat itself ) as a short to medium haul motor. Bamcustoms: Posted 12/19/2015 10:10 (#4971591 - in reply to #4971511) Subject: RE: cat 3126 engine,good ,bad ? Shop the official Cat® Parts Store. At the cost of the longevity of the engine. Engine Overhaul Kits available for the Cat® 3126 Engine. There are special tools Caterpillar made to deal with the issues surrounding the injectors which make repairs at the dealership rather costly. Jun 24, 2007 #1 I have been keeping up with the saga of kempergramps and others on the forums with this motor and decided to find out some info for myself. Many CATERPILLAR Truck Engines are added daily. Industrial diesel engines for mining equipment and construction machinery worldwide Man I talked to said, "clean fuel, clean oil, and upkeep on zincs most critical." I'd like to see if you guys think it is. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 13, 2014. the 3116 and 3126 cats are ok but they have some serious drawbacks. 40 years’ experience with Cat diesels, means we know Caterpillar 3126 turbos eventually need replacing to prolong the longevity of your engine. I was given all of the service records. CATERPILLAR Truck Engines For Sale. Please Call. Id take a dt466 or a 8.3 cummins any day to a cat 3116 or 3126 . What kind of longevity should we expect from this engine. CAT 3126 engine | Diesel Place The early model CAT 3116 engine had some problems including lower grade engineered cylinder heads Page 7/12 . Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. Never had any experience with them. it will help the life of the injection system greatly to change oil every 5K miles or so, and no longer than that. with 860 torque), you can do well for a period. It can be used alone or in tandem to power boats and is compatible with a number of different Caterpillar marine transmissions that can provide faster or slower acceleration depending on a vessel's intended use. I have a 3126 cat 330 engine in our Allegro Bus. The shop foreman is constantly telling us to not get rid of this coach as the 3126 was the workhorse and the most reliable engine. Looking at buying a 2nd truck for my business and need something with more weight payload than my current 1994 Isuzu NQR Diesel which has a gvwr of only 18000. 1,624 Posts #2 • Sep 23, 2004. All reman turbos come with a refundable core charge, and we strive to give fast credit for core returns. Caterpillar Marine ensure that you have an engine on board that will work as hard as you do. CAT 3116 Hydraulic Power Unit, 170HP. 7 Posts . $9,995.00 with Exchange For Information on this or any other engines. It had an injector recently replaced. I have been also looking at other,similar trucks with 3116/3126 CATs in them to buy for … Problem (as Weave alluded to): Longevity vs. initial price! Capt. What happens is that you will have injector failure earlier, possible engine damage, soot … All Complete and Run Tested. Hello everyone, As mentioned on my previous post, I'm looking to buy a chipper truck and came across what I think is a good offer. Cat 3126 Thread starter lanier1; Start date Jun 24, 2007; L. lanier1 Seasoned Expediter. « Last Edit: January 09, 2018, 08:38:56 PM by Ken Carpenter » Wayne. The second is they are unit injectors that are a pain to set timing and or diagnose an air leak if one comes up or change an injector. They start good cold and … Mentioned in thread above but forgot to mention here, if you buy the 3126, be sure to change the oil often. Mike - Team TNT (THWACK … Where To Download 3116 Cat Engine Problems and injector problems. A Caterpillar engineering marvel is the CAT 3126 D engine. I bought a Thomas School bus on a Freightliner Fl70 chassis, with a Cat 3126 engine. The Caterpillar 3116 is a turbocharged diesel engine used for marine propulsion. The Cat Electric Fuel Pump runs constantly to provide constant fuel flow and pressure for HEUI injection systems. We have 82,000 miles on it. called Cat tech support when I bought engines (1-(877) 228-9900) and asked them what I should do and what to expect. Most of the diesel programmers do 2 things, increase fuel pressure to the injector, and increase the timing of the engine. 2. Buy Cat® Wear & Maintenance Parts Take advantage of your existing dealer account or access the complete Cat parts catalog on Parts.Cat.Com. Fuel-Pump-Parts-List-r1.pdf (89.14 kB - downloaded 459 times.) (1995 model with NO emissions) All I have EVER done to it is change fluids and filters and thats it. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 29, 2008. I have owned several cats, 475 3406'e and c15's, they were all pretty strong reliable engines, lots of power as I mostly hauled heavy, over 100,000 lbs, fuel milage varied between 4.5 and 6.8, but I was always hauling heavy. If you keep clean oil (I ran 12K on short sump Pete, using 10W40 SB Rotella) and have proper gearing and hsp/torque (275 min. The best source for new and used CATERPILLAR Truck Engines for sale. The HEUI injector allows for multiple injections at different metered rates. Which one is more reliable? Joined Dec 30, 2012 Posts 8 Likes 1. We have it maintained on a regular basis by a Cat shop in Bakersfield, CA which gets lots of cross country truck business. More … The engine configuration was the same as the 3126 but the fuel system changed using a new engineered style known as the HEUI injector. It has a cat 3126 engine and an Allison automatic tranny. We currently hav ... Sir, I have a Cat 3126 from a 1999 GMC 7500 can I put it into a 2004 GMC 7500 to take the place of a Cat C7 I understand they are the same engine Thank you Allen … read more. Whether you’re searching for a remanufactured Cat 3126 turbo or an aftermarket Cat 3126B turbo, you’ve come to the right place. Hello all, maybe you can help me pick a Cat ? Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 10, 2013. Released in the late 1990’s, this electronically controlled 7.2L six-cylinder after-cooled diesel engine is both powerful and reliable. This is a test of two CAT 3126 Marine Engines that are rebuilt and painted by our professional staff. Journeyman. SOLD 2007 chevrolet 2500hd Duramax loaded. Depending on the application it can output between 175 and 300 hp. So this is not a chip truck but I can worry about that later. Cat 3208 or 3126. Offline. Condition: Used: Horse Power: 170 HP: Stock Number: AD 2122: MLS Number: 10508784: Location: Niles, MI, US : Listed by: Worldwide Diesel: Last Updated: 10/29/2020 (833) 283-___ SHOW NUMBER Call Seller. Engine uptime is critical for you, your crew, your clients and your bottom line. Albeit the 3116 was used in a wide variety of application including many marine applications the CAT 3126 and later the CAT C7 were arguably better models. I've heard good and bad about those engines. Cat 3126/C7 is meant to be used (viz. 1 Posts . First they are parent bore engines which makes them either not rebuildable or a huge pain if you can find a shop to do it. The CAT C7 shares many common configurations with the CAT 3126. 3,190 satisfied customers. Cummins 855 Big Cam To conclude the CAT 3116 isn’t a terrible engine but is damn near at the bottom of the best diesel engine list. Thread starter Banshee27; Start date Aug 17, 2013; Aug 17, 2013 #1 B. Banshee27 Ensign. I have the Yanmar 6LP-STE's and Luv'Em . I now have a C-7 Cat 350 hp in a 40' MH pulling a Jeep Liberty and have no problem. The CAT 3116 was engineered to be disposable. Buy genuine Cat filters, engine parts and other common maintenance, wear, and repair parts for your Cat equipment online, delivered right to your door. I have one truck with a 3116 Cat in it with 116,000 miles on it. Lakeville, MN : The can have injector issues but not an overwhelming issue. Run CAT fuel filters as well. 1996 Gmc k2500 4x4 6.5 turbo diesel, with mods Blew the head gasket, put all new heads, valves, injecotrs gaskets etc on the truck only to get it together and find out it had no oil pressure, and sounded horrible (pry a spun bearing). Using a staged fuel distribution ratio helps improve engine combustion which ultimately reduces emissions ouput. If you run west of Mississippi, I wouldn't have one again.